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Odyssey Administrative Services, LLC provides administrative and bookkeeping solutions for growing businesses.

Hi there! Welcome to OAS where we bring consciousness to business. While we are excellent in performing administrative and bookkeeping tasks, what sets us apart are the long relationships we build with our clients. Building relationships takes an investment of time and a proven track record of respect, reliability and delivery of quality services.

Suzette Vearnon

Administrative Services

Innovation and specialization have kept OAS on the cutting edge of administrative solutions. We’ve diversified our offerings to include full-service podcasting and online summit support.

Bookkeeping Services

Honesty and integrity are the pillars upon which OAS provides exceptional financial services to growing companies. Our specialty is finding the right professionals to meet your unique needs.

Do you feel like you’re juggling everything but accomplishing NOTHING?!

You’ll save money.  Because we are on top of things, you aren’t missing deadlines and incurring penalties and interest.  Moreover, you won’t have to pay CPAs a whole lot of money to do what our bookkeepers can do for a lot less.  
You’ll save time.  You won’t have to spend countless hours agonizing over paperwork, performing clerical tasks or spending days or weeks pulling together financial records for tax returns, quarterly report filings or year-end audits or rummaging through files unable to figure out where you put that important document.  We take care of that for you!
You’ll have peace of mind. You won’t have to carry a mental checklist and fear something falling through the cracks. We anticipate your needs and help you plan forward.
OAS specialists have over thirteen years in providing administrative support and bookkeeping successfully.  We’ve worked from a variety of platforms, growing with the ever-changing face of business.  Let OAS will take care of those details so you can get back to running your business.

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