Should You Focus on One Thing and One Thing Only?

Should You Focus On One Thing and One Thing Only?

If you had asked me this question a year ago, I would have said, "I am the Jack of all trades and the master of all of them."  Sounds pretty cocky doesn't it?  I would say "yes," if I didn't understand something.  While there is the universality of sound wisdom, those who can do multiple things well cannot be put into the same boat.

Noteworthy examples of this are tennis superstars Venus and Serena Williams.  Most of us know their story.  Their father put a tennis racket in their hands when they were old enough to hold them.  Serena recalls 2-hour practices with her dad at the age of 3.  They practiced in conditions that taught the sisters to persevere despite difficulty. Although we all marvel at their brilliance on the tennis court, equally captivating is their bodacious tennis outfits.  There is just as much frenzy about what they wear as their titles won!
Serena's brand has opened multiple doors in the fashion and entertainment industries. In 2014, within days of winning the U.S. Open, her clothing line debuted at New York's Fashion Week.  Universally sound wisdom would have warned her not to attempt it.  It would have looked her in the eye and would have warned, "You need to focus on tennis or focus on fashion.  You can't focus on both."
In response, this phrase from a sacred text comes to mind.  It says, "Your gift will make room for you."  The sisters were trained to be an indomitable force on the courts.  Just the same, it has been their creativity that has made room for them.  They have a unique voice, a unique perspective on fashion that they courageously brought into the tennis world and now rocks the runway.
Like Mr. Williams put a tennis racket in their hands, Life put a typewriter in mine.  It was not what I dreamed of.  I had majored in mathematics and hoped to land a computer job. Life sent me on a totally unrelated path.  My first job was blocking eyeglass lenses.  My second was a secretary in the Hematology Department of the UNC School of Medicine.  I did not realize that this would be my yellow brick to road to the land of Oz.  But it was. Odyssey Administrative Services has made room for my ability to anticipate needs, to help clients get clear about their needs, and to plan for instead of react to.  It allows us to add value to whatever we do.
Sometimes there is one vehicle and sometimes there are multiple ones.  What's most important to those who are multi-talented and multifaceted is that one doesn't take away from the other.  There must be an inherent cooperation that unites them.  Your gift has to be the director.  When I realized that, what started as a job became more purposeful and fulfilling.

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